We have some awesome CARE associates to recognize this month. These individuals were nominated by their branch’s placement consultant team for being fantastic employees. Congrats and thank you to Taajnae, Alysia, Sacha, & Anthony!

To learn what makes a CARE associate, check out our first post on the CARE Program here.


Taajnae P. – Greater Boston

“Taajnae has been working at Arbor since June and has been an amazing member of our team! She picks up a consistent schedule, but is always willing to help other programs on the weekend! Not only do the programs love her, but the clients do as well. The program manager at her site referred to Taajnae as the “glue” of the program, in which she holds the program together. Her commitment to excellence not only achieves goals but inspires others to strive for greatness. We cannot be more appreciative of Taajnae and all her help!!! We appreciate you!!”


Alysia S. – Central MA

“Alysia has been such a strong and steady field associate for Arbor for a very long time. She takes everything life throws at her and makes it work no matter what. Beyond that, she is as reliable an employee as anyone could hope for, as well as being one of the most kind and hardworking people we know. We are so happy to have Alysia on our team, and incredibly grateful for the care she provides to everyone she works with. Alysia is a fantastic staff member, and an even better person, and we are so lucky to have her representing Arbor every day!”


Sacha R. – Western MA

“Since returning to work in August, Sacha has shown that she wants to work. She’s reporting to very medically complex programs, and showing up for the clients, being present to ensure the best care the clients can receive, and communicating with Arbor and the programs as needed. If something isn’t going right at a program she’s sure to send an email and make that call so we are aware as soon as possible so we can guide her.  She also participates in any training the programs want and need to show her. The programs enjoy her presence because of her positive and can do attitude.”


Anthony L. – Rhode Island

“Anthony has been with Arbor Associates since 2002 and has been extremely reliable. He’s been making a positive impact at his scheduled site since his beginnings, and the program manager there speaks very highly of his work ethic and care for their clients.  We want to extend our sincere appreciation to Anthony for being an outstanding representation of Arbor!”