What Makes a CARE Associate?

As The Source for People Who Care, we’re known for our exceptional caregivers – and exceptional caregivers deserve to be recognized and rewarded! We love highlighting our awesome associates, and in that spirit we created the CARE Program.

We aim to select an outstanding associate from each branch on a monthly basis and award them with a certificate and gift card.  We hope you’ll join us in celebrating these individuals each month!

CARE is an acronym that defines the key qualities of a great employee, and the true meaning of being a caregiver. Those who display these qualities have a high probability of being selected as a CARE associate.



Being a good communicator is key; this means letting us know about any issues that happened during work or related to work as soon as possible, asking questions when you need more information, and informing us when you become ill or otherwise unable to work.



​Being accountable and reliable will make you a trusted employee; this means showing up for the shifts you sign up for and not calling out last minute, filling out your timecard honestly and on time, and following all relevant laws and regulations.



​Being respectful goes a long way; this means behaving professionally with clients, coworkers, and supervisors, no matter the situation. This can be challenging at times but try to remain calm and act appropriately – any issues should be addressed through the proper channels.



​Being empathetic will not only make you a better caregiver, but also a better person; this means recognizing that your client is a fellow human being and meeting them where they’re at. By considering their situation, you’ll find it much easier to extend your kindness to them.