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At Arbor Associates, we provide a wide range of options that give you the flexibility you need to keep up with the workforce requirements of a rewarding but often unpredictable business.

Temporary/Per Diem

For short- or long-term needs, our experienced recruiters can help you find the qualified people you need, when you need them most. We can help you to cover leaves of absence, sick leaves, and vacations, or augment your core staff for longer-term requirements.


The temp-to-hire option allows you to assess a health care professional at your facility before committing to a full-time hire. Arbor remains the employer of record throughout the trial period. At the end of the assignment, you can add the person to your team at no additional cost or simply keep them on Arbor’s payroll and benefits at a significantly reduced cost. 

Direct Hire

When you need to add a full-time member to your staff, Arbor can recruit and screen candidates for you, presenting only the most highly qualified prospects for you to choose from. We have an extensive database of candidates across southern New England and can often save you lots of time and expense in the hiring process.


Place the temporary professionals of your choosing on our payroll. We handle the entire timekeeping, payroll process, taxes and related costs, workers' compensation insurance and benefits costs and administration. Because we are the employer of record, there’s less work, less stress and less risk for you. You can focus on what you do best instead and let us do what we do best.

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