Don’t Just Leave – How to Effectively Discuss Problems with Your Agency

Encountering challenges in any professional setting is inevitable, and the world of health care staffing is no exception. At Arbor Associates, we believe in the power of open communication and constructive problem-solving. This blog aims to guide health care professionals on how to effectively address issues with their staffing agency, ensuring a healthy, productive dialogue.

People commonly think it’s easier to call it quits when issues arise but it’s usually easier to work through a problem with your current employer, rather than have to find a totally new employer/job. In this blog we’ll cover strategies for how to do that effectively, so you don’t ruin your current employment or burn a bridge. This guide will help you navigate through difficulties with your agency, turning challenges into opportunities for positive change and professional growth.

Clear and Respectful Communication

The foundation of resolving any issue begins with clear and respectful communication. Start by clearly identifying the problem and express it without placing blame. Use “I” statements to describe how the situation affects you, which helps in keeping the conversation non-confrontational. It’s equally important to be specific about the issue, avoiding generalizations or exaggerations. This clarity helps in addressing the real problem effectively. Also, listen actively when your agency responds. This two-way communication ensures that both parties fully are willing to work together on this problem, which is crucial for finding a mutually beneficial solution.

Timing and Setting Matters

Choosing the right time and setting for your discussion can significantly influence its outcome. Avoid initiating these conversations during stressful or busy times, or if you’re currently angry or upset. Instead, request a meeting with your supervisor or HR rep at a time that’s convenient for both parties. This shows your respect for their time and workload. The setting should be private and comfortable, ensuring confidentiality and reducing distractions. A calm and neutral environment facilitates a more focused and productive discussion. Remember, the goal is to have a constructive conversation, and the right timing and setting can set the tone for a positive and solution-oriented dialogue.

Understanding Both Perspectives

Understanding both perspectives is key in any problem-solving discussion. Be open to hearing your agency’s viewpoint and reasons behind certain decisions or actions. This doesn’t mean you have to agree, but understanding their perspective can lead to more empathetic and effective problem-solving. If it’s a matter of policy, be open to reviewing policy documents to ensure everyone is on the same page. Also, be prepared to explain your perspective clearly and calmly. Mutual understanding fosters respect and paves the way for finding a solution that considers both parties’ needs and concerns. It’s about finding common ground and understanding, so that ideally, everyone understands and accepts the outcome.

Seeking Collaborative Solutions

Approach the conversation with a collaborative mindset, knowing that each part may have to give a little in the areas where they can. After discussing the issue, brainstorm possible solutions together. Be open to suggestions and willing to compromise if needed. Sometimes, the best solution may involve a combination of ideas from both sides. Remember, the objective is not to ‘win’ the argument but to resolve the problem in a way that strengthens your professional relationship. Collaborative problem-solving not only resolves the current issue but also sets a positive precedent for handling future challenges.

Addressing problems with your agency doesn’t have to be daunting. With clear communication, trust, and a collaborative approach, you can effectively resolve issues and foster a stronger professional relationship. At Arbor Associates, we’re committed to supporting you through every step of your career journey, including any bumps along the way.

Experiencing Challenges with Your Staffing Agency?  

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