How an Established Agency Will Find You the Best Candidates

Turnover rates are higher than normal, and in some cases they’re still rising. In nursing alone, a recent report from Nursing Solutions Inc. (NSI) found turnover rates increased by over 8% in 2021. And an article from the University of Minnesota described increased turnover rates among health care workers generally, with the number of health care workers currently 2.7% lower than pre-Covid-19 pandemic levels.


With these numbers, it’s clear to see why many health care organizations need additional staff. A great way to find additional, quality staff is to work with an established staffing agency, like Arbor Associates, who celebrates 40 years this month! Established agencies like Arbor will have the processes, database, and know-how to find you a great fit. Consider the following reasons why working with an established agency will get you better results:


Decades of Experience

An agency with a history of support, and few decades of experience can save you a lot of hassle up front and in the long run. This month Arbor Associates is celebrating 40 years of service – four decades of experience means we have a solid understanding of health care staffing needs and how to best serve the needs of our customers, and the needs of the staff we recruit. When it comes to health care staffing, we’ve been around long enough to be able to adapt and grow with the industry; and to that end, we’re continually improving our systems and processes to provide the best possible customer experience.


They Get the Big Picture

Established agencies understand how their work feeds into the work of their customers and partners. They work hard to provide the support for other organizations, so they can carry out their mission to help those in need.

Arbor Associates founder, Gailanne Reeh, valued serving vulnerable and underserved populations. In addition, Gailanne believed in advocating both for patients and their caregivers. Arbor Associates embodies these values through their commitment to positive social and economic impact in the communities we serve, sponsoring and attending client events throughout the year.


Intricate Understanding of the Nuts and Bolts

Established staffing agencies have a pulse on the nitty gritty details of staffing. A big part of that is getting to know the specifics about each customer’s needs, in order to serve them as best as possible. This will help you by saving you time, energy, and money!

Arbor Associates cares deeply about the mission of our clients and strives to understand each company’s culture to secure the right staffing fit. We know that finding the right fit is about knowing exactly what our clients are looking for. In addition to a caring approach, our forty years of experience in the industry provide the insight to ensure compliancy, efficiency, and cost-consciousness.


  • We understand and adhere to applicable laws and regulations, ensuring compliance.
  • We focus on risk and safety to maximize workplace safety and quality assurances.
  • We care about the development of our team and provide candidates with training and development opportunities to improve their skillsets.
  • We look at benchmarks and performance indicators to make sure the performance of our people and processes align with or exceed client’s goals.


When choosing a staffing agency to work with, it’s important to consider how the service will be helping you and your organization. Choosing an established partner will ensure that you’re getting a well-tested and effective ‘product’ that can deliver on their promises.

Arbor Associates’ unique combination of caring, compliance, and efficiency sets us apart. We have a proven track record of success with four decades of experience in the healthcare staffing business. If you’re interested in working with this outstanding team who is ready to serve you, reach out so we can help you connect with the talent your organization needs.


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