Searching for a New Job—Consider Joining Arbor Associates

Maybe you’re considering contract staffing for the first time? Perhaps you’re a seasoned traveler, who likes to work at multiple different settings? Or maybe you’re looking for something on a more permanent basis?

Wherever you are on your staffing journey, working with an established agency that knows the business and cares about placing the right staff in the right workplace environment, is essential. With forty years of experience this month, Arbor Associates is a great place to find work assignments. Here are three reasons to consider Arbor Associates for your next work opportunity:

Training and Development 

Working with Arbor Associates means being prepared for the job. We’ll make sure to answer your questions and provide you with the relevant information about your next position, shift, or worksite. In addition, we’re interested in our employee’s training and development, and we welcome the opportunity to help guide you in your career growth. If you have a professional goal or interest in mind, we’re happy to help you on your next steps. Whether it’s providing advice, or helping you try out several different types of positions, we can help you reach your goals.

We’ll do our best to find a good fit for you, based on your skills, certifications, preferences, and availability. Our goal is to help our employees and customers find a good match so that the clients they serve can get the very best care.

Other opportunities exist too. These include working per diem roles while pursuing additional degrees or professional certifications, or picking up extra shifts around another job to build your skill set. The possibilities are endless, and with forty years in the industry, we understand the importance of supporting our employee’s growth and development.

Ease of Communication

Clear communication is vital in any role, and especially when working with a staffing agency. At Arbor Associates you have a main point of contact, and there’s always someone who can answer your question. We aim to be reachable and accessible to our staff via email, or by phone during the day, and our on-call staff can assist over the phone outside of business hours.

Based on your region, you’ll have a specific point of contact for the recruiting process, scheduling, and HR-related matters, who can guide and assist your experience. Our goal is to provide you with the information necessary to show up to your job and help those in need. And, if you’re ever curious about other job options while at Arbor, you can reach out directly to our recruiters with questions about any of our open positions.


Work That Matters

Like with any job, there are challenges and rewards, and the caring industry is no different; however, the work of caring professionals is extremely important and rewarding. Many health care professionals go into this industry because they’re interested in helping others during a time of need, building stronger communities, and making the world a better place.

When you work with Arbor, you can be confident that the position(s) you’re filling are making a positive impact on other people’s lives. Arbor celebrates 40 years of service this August – that’s four decades of matching employees with employers, in the goal of helping those in need. If you’re looking for a company that cares, look no further! At Arbor Associates, caring is at the heart of what we do. Arbor Associates will care for you so you can provide your best to those you’re helping.

So, wherever you are in your career journey, whether it’s picking up a per diem or temp job around other obligations, or if you are looking for something permanent, explore open positions at Arbor Associates, a leader in contract staffing. With decades of experience connecting employees to positions in southern New England, our history and experience in the field makes us a great choice for your next career move.


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