The Importance of Bedside Manner and Professionalism in Healthcare

When you work in healthcare, you see patients throughout the continuum of life. You may have a career in mental healthcare services, work in a shelter, or help those working on drug or alcohol recovery. Regardless of your profession within healthcare, one aspect is constant—working in healthcare means helping patients who rely on you for care when they are at their most vulnerable. And to provide compassionate care, an empathetic bedside manner is important.

Three Reasons a Compassionate and Caring Bedside Manner in Healthcare Is Crucial

It’s Trust Building 

Communication is critical between a healthcare provider and a patient. Patients who feel respected and heard are likely more apt to share essential health details with their care team. In contrast, a patient who feels disregarded may not feel comfortable addressing critical health concerns. 

Consider the scenario of a healthcare provider asking a patient if they have any questions while the provider has their hand on the door, ready to exit. Body language can speak louder than words, and a provider who is already in the process of exiting the appointment may miss out on the opportunity to answer key questions from the patient or address other significant health concerns. 


Better Patient Adherence to Treatments

Patients see their healthcare provider for several reasons. However, for their condition to improve, patients need to adhere to treatment regimens. This can include medications, physical therapy, counseling sessions, or other therapies. A 2021 study on bedside manner from Indiana University found that good bedside manner promoted a patient’s intention to adhere to their treatment.


It May Help With Career Advancement

A good bedside manner may help you advance your career more easily. One article on the topic explained how providers who communicate well might be less likely to get sued or face malpractice. Additionally, patients may rate providers with a good bedside manner more highly.


While there are many reasons to work on having a bedside manner that promotes trust and relationship building with patients, it is ultimately the right thing to do. Patients expect their providers to remain professional and treat their sensitive healthcare information in a trustworthy manner. 

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