When a Workplace Can Be a Second Home, Here Are the Best Ways to Build Relationships at Work

Are you a night shift worker? Perhaps you work multiple shifts, or you work at different facilities? These arrangements share something in common. They all make it challenging to build meaningful relationships at work. You spend a significant amount of time at work, so it’s vital that you build relationships there. Solid work relationships can give you the freedom to focus on opportunities instead of draining energy dealing with negative associations. Additionally, a professional circle helps you develop your career by opening up possibilities that might not otherwise present themselves. Here is some helpful advice.

Self Disclosure

You can build trust and closeness, which characterize good friendships, with coworkers by sharing personal information. During your conversations, gradually make an effort to move your discussions from work-related topics to others. Talk about your experiences outside of work and show an interest in your coworkers. It’s very important that whatever you’re sharing is appropriate so that you don’t make anyone uncomfortable. An example would be talking about a favorite TV show or musician but not talking about anything too personal or potentially upsetting.

You should avoid oversharing information and follow the other person’s lead. If they don’t share their feelings, perspectives, or experiences, it’s probably best to focus your efforts on others. Always consider the consequences before you share something personal, either in person or on social media. You should avoid disclosing anyone else’s personal information, and don’t use these practices with the customers or clients you’re serving. If the time comes and it feels right, you could extend an invitation to a coworker to get together in a different context other than work.

Stay Positive

It’s no mystery that people like to be around positive people. Nobody wants constant exposure to negativity. Positivity is infectious, and people draw close to those who demonstrate a positive outlook. An optimistic frame of mind creates energy, strengthening your relationships with your colleagues and clients. If you can try to remain positive at work, people will think of you positively, and you’ll be more likely to find that your warmth is reciprocated by others.

Remember Why You Want to Be Friends in the First Place

The best friendships stem from a desire to connect, to be heard, and to feel supported. Be wary of friendships that make you feel like you or the other person is motivated to compete or get ahead at the company. People spend a lot of time at work, so it’s worth it to try to get along with your coworkers and enjoy working together.

Be an Active Listener

When you try to build relationships at work, it’s crucial that you listen. Make it a priority to pay attention to your colleagues and clients to gauge how people positively respond to you in return. Genuine, active listening requires talent. Consciously develop this skill, and you’ll find that it’ll help you gain people’s trust.

Equality and Reciprocity

The exchange of practical support is an excellent way to develop close bonds at work while benefiting professional goals and growth. Friendship is rooted in equality and reciprocity. Know when to draw a line. Repeatedly offering to do things for a colleague without getting anything in return creates an imbalance in relationships. Regrettably, this discrepancy ultimately takes away from the benefits that friendship provides.

Ultimately, the goal of work is to get work done. If that’s all you’re interested in, that’s okay, but – developing relationships at work is a great way to lead to a positive and fulfilling career where you feel understood, accepted, and appreciated.

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