How Offering Flexible Scheduling Can Boost Employee Morale

With increasing numbers of patients seeking health care, budget constraints, and the ever-increasing shortage of nurses, boosting morale in a health care facility is a significant task. One approach to this dilemma is to offer staff flexibility in scheduling. Flexible scheduling is a popular benefit for workers, as they place a high priority on work/life balance. It’s a fantastic way to boost employee morale and retain top health care professionals.

Flexible scheduling in health care helps both workers and their patients, and it can be a part of your organization’s recruiting strategy too. In the years to come, attracting and retaining top health care talent will continue to be challenging as there are predictions of staffing shortages. Here are some ideas for flexible scheduling at your facility.

Alternative Scheduling

Using non-traditional work scheduling is nothing new. Various techniques include staggered start times, overlapping shifts, compressed workweeks, and alternating days off. This arrangement works well for exempt employees; however, flexibility is a challenge for nonexempt workers such as nurses and other health care personnel who provide direct patient care.

Although it can be challenging to offer flexibility in some situations, there are steps you can take. To help your front-line workers, allow them to trade scheduled shifts. Always grant time off for these workers if they ask in advance. You might consider letting employees switch between full-time and part-time work if you fulfill the organization’s needs.

Shift Differentials and Overtime

Being flexible and allowing staff to take on extra shifts is a great way to boost morale and earn extra money. Who doesn’t like to increase their paycheck? Even better, extra shifts might equate to time-and-a-half pay so staff can make money faster than usual. If your crew won’t burn themselves out, overtime is also a great option.

Many health care facilities offer increased pay rates for nurses who are willing to work nights or weekends. If a nurse is flexible and it’s not a huge sacrifice to their lifestyle, they can take advantage of these shift differentials to increase their take-home pay. Working nights and weekends can increase salaries by several dollars an hour. Team members can take on just a few of these shifts each month to earn extra money.

Job Sharing

Sharing a job can offer employees more flexibility leading to improved morale. Job sharing involves dividing a full-time position between two part-time employees. The situation allows each employee to work one part of the workweek while the other works the rest of the week. It’s a creative way to fill a full-time job with two part-time employees. If one calls out, you still have coverage. The welcomed time off for the rotating employees will undoubtedly improve their outlook.

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