Give Thanks to Your Employees: 6 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Showing your employees appreciation is essential to let them know you recognize all they do for your organization. A thank you is great, but there are other creative ways to show your appreciation.

Extra Time Off

Perhaps the most valuable way to show your employees gratitude is to give time off to pursue something other than work. It can be for spending time with their families, pursuing a hobby, helping a charity, or taking a short vacation. Don’t use this one too often, though – it has the most value when it’s unexpected.

This will allow your team to reset themselves mentally, which is good for productivity. Time off can help employees discover who they are and realize they need to stop taking work home. Your hard-working employees will reset their focus after a much-needed rest.

Knowing Their Names Is Not Enough

It’s easy to forget a person’s name, so it compliments you if you know all your staff members’ names. However, what other details do you know about these employees? When employees feel you’re meeting their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs, they’ll connect and feel recognized. Problems can arise when you’re clueless about what they need or want regarding work. Take the time to have meaningful conversations with your employees. When you understand their goals, you can take steps to help them reach those milestones. Going beyond a name with a face is a fantastic way to thank an employee.

Recognize Your Team Publicly

All organizations should have a formal recognition event. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, health care, education, or behavioral health. Significant work needs to be recognized and appreciated. You may choose to recognize them within your organization (or beyond) through an announcement at a staff meeting, an email, or an employee recognition board – however, you choose to do it, make sure you’re sharing it with others. Public recognition capitalizes on the innate tendencies of people to improve their behavior, making recognition not only a great way to thank employees but great for your company as well.

Build Your Company Culture Around Appreciation

The most impactful appreciation efforts are those that integrate into your company values. Offer your people the skills they need to do their job well. Set up mentorship programs so employees can learn new skills and get great advice from others with more experience or those they admire. Pick up the tab for educational conferences. Consider providing employees with services such as tax days. Everyone needs a bit of help during tax season! If possible, reward employees financially for recognition.

Have Fun

It’s vital that you do something fun for your team every once in a while. It’s an excellent way to show your appreciation. Throw a work party or take everyone out for lunch. A small, personalized gift is also a nice gesture. It allows you to pick out something each member of your team would personally like. Usually, you can combine a morale booster with humor and fun so that it’s even better.

Offer Perks

Show gratitude with healthy snacks in the breakroom. Have a cleaning crew take care of the office, so your team doesn’t need to worry about cleaning as much. Give workers quality office supplies and enough of them. Cover their parking or transit costs. And if all else fails, have pizza delivered every Friday!

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