We have some awesome CARE associates to recognize this month. These individuals were nominated by their branch’s placement consultant team for being fantastic employees. Congrats and thank you to                                    !

To learn what makes a CARE associate, check out our first post on the CARE Program here.


Skye W-L. – Greater Boston

“For this month’s CARE associate, we’re nominating Skye. She has been an employee here at Arbor since April 2023 and has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. She has a strong work ethic and has created lasting relationships with not only the clients within these programs, but the managers there as well. Skye has shown through hard work, dedication, reliability, and flexibility that anything is possible! We want to thank you Skye for your passion and willingness to help be a leader at Arbor! The team appreciates you so much!”



Janice C. – Central MA

“Since starting with us at Arbor in January, Janice has worked at several different programs. She has displayed to us that she is both a reliable and dedicated employee. She has recently found a consistent program and has developed a positive working relationship with both the staff and clients at this program. Janice shows up to work on time and with a positive attitude. Reflecting on this feedback, we have selected Janice to receive the Care Award for the month and we couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing work she has displayed!”


Kenny O. – Western MA

“Kenny has been with Arbor for a short amount of time, but has shown dedication, commitment, and flexibility so far. He has been very patient with getting into shifts and he is eager to continue to grow through Arbor, to help as many programs as possible. I can count on him to pick up and attend a last-minute opening if he is available. He truly embodies what an Arbor staff should be like. Thank you for all you do, Kenny!




Breyana L. – Rhode Island

“I would like to nominate Breyana L for this month’s CARE award. She has been consistent and supportive for the program she’s scheduled at, and the program directors speak very highly about her ethics and commitment to the clients. I’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Breyana for being an outstanding representation of Arbor!”