We have some awesome CARE associates to recognize this month. These individuals were nominated by their branch’s placement consultant team for being fantastic employees. Congrats and thank you to Taajnae, Alysia, Sacha, & Anthony!

To learn what makes a CARE associate, check out our first post on the CARE Program here.


Cheyanne S. – Greater Boston

“Cheyanne has shown true dedication and compassion to each site she has assisted with but especially with the YMCA RTH program in Boston. She has been a pleasure to work with and we appreciate how she keeps us updated with her availability that best aligns with her personal life. We recognize her hard work and dedication that she shows our clients and kiddos at the program. Thanks for all you do, Cheyanne!



Ishmael B. – Central MA

“Ishmael is one of our most dependable staff. He will go to just about any shift, no matter how far it is, and never calls out. We know that we can rely on Ishmael for any assignment, and that he will provide the best care possible to all of our clients. We are glad to have him representing Arbor, as he shows all of the values that we look for in our field staff!”


Caleb T. – Western MA

“Caleb has recently relocated to the Western Ma branch and he’s a star employee. During his time so far in western MA we have received a handful of positive feedback from programs on Caleb’s hard work and the care and compassion he shares with the clients and programs.  Caleb is always thankful and appreciative of his supervisors and coworkers. Arbor is lucky to have Caleb be part of their team and we look forward to the continued relationship with Caleb!”



Aumaurri J. – Rhode Island

“This month we’d like to nominate Aumaurri for the CARE program. He has been reliable and supportive of the programs he’s at, mainly JMLC programs. The program director speaks highly of his ethics and care of their clients. We wanted to extend our sincere thanks to Aumaurri for being an outstanding representation of Arbor.”