Is Your Staffing Agency Performing for You?

The relationship between a staffing agency and its clients is an important one. Staffing agencies need to understand what their clients need in employees, and clients need to be clear to staffing agencies about what they are looking for regarding their staffing needs. 

Here are three questions to consider if you’re unsure whether or not your current staffing agency is a good fit. 

Does Your Agency Understand Your Company’s Needs?

This should be one of the first conversations between a staffing agency and a potential client. The staffing agency must understand what the client is looking for regarding staffing and know if they can fill that need. 

Additionally, staffing needs may change over time. Therefore, it is vital for the staffing agency to check in and regularly ensure they understand the staffing needs of their clients. Similar to how a good leader has regular 1:1 meetings with staff, an agency should periodically check in with clients to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Does Your Agency Seek Employees That Meet Your Needs?

Employee fit in a company is crucial. Companies have unique missions, visions, and values. Therefore, it is vital that employeeswhether permanent or contractalign with a company’s mission, vision, and values.

Additionally, during regular check-ins, an agency must assess the employees’ overall fit in contracted roles. A good fit is a win-win for everyone, as it means a satisfied client and a happy employee. 

Does Your Agency Listen and Care?

Hopefully, the agency you work with regularly checks in to understand if they are meeting your needs and filling your roles with great team players. And, if there is room for improvement, ideally, the agency is open to constructive feedback and works to improve. 

An agency that actively listens to your needs and cares about its clients and staff has the best chance of matching employees and available vacancies. 

What to Do If Your Agency Isn’t Making the Cut

If your agency isn’t working out, it may be time to look elsewhere. However, before cutting the relationship short, have a conversation with the agency first. They may need better direction and clarity for what you’re seeking in candidates.

However, consider alternative staffing agencies if better communication doesn’t improve the situation. 

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