Why It’s Important To Share Your Goals With a Staffing Agency

Clients come to Arbor Associates with various staffing needs. They may have short-term needs over the holidays or summer season, or more long-term, ongoing needs. Whatever your staffing goals are, it’s important to share them with our team so we can find the best employees for your unique situation.

Talent Request Form 

One of the first ways we can get to know you and your needs is through our Talent Request Form. This form covers topics such as the title of the role you’re looking to fill, the industry the position is in, whether you’re looking to fill a temporary or permanent role, and the duties and location of the role, among other important information.

By sharing this information with us, we know exactly what you’re looking for and can align your needs with our pool of applicants and available contract staff.

Employee Recruitment

We strive to understand your company’s needs, and we also consider the needs of the staff we work with. When you provide us with thorough information about your goals and needs, it allows us to match the best possible candidates with your organization.

We strive for win-win situations where the client and employee feel they’re an excellent fit for each other! The bonus is that by providing a positive experience to our contracted staff, they’ll be happy to come to work to provide excellent to your clients.

Saving Time and Money

Choosing to go through a contract staffing agency saves you valuable time better spent elsewhere while we deal with the fine details around recruitment and interviewing. Recruiting and onboarding staff can be a lengthy process, but once we’re aligned on your goals, we’ll get straight to work completing background checks and other details.

We’ll handle the recruitment and interview process and provide you with employees based on your timeline. Our team will work hard so that you don’t have to!

We Care

We’ve been around and excelling at contract staffing for forty years at Arbor Associates. Succeeding in the industry for this long isn’t by accident. It’s because we’re genuinely dedicated to understanding your staffing needs and filling them with the right candidates.

By sharing your goals with us, we will work hard to help you make them happen.

So, if your team or organization needs extra hands, fill out the Talent Request Form today or contact us to start the process. We are here to help you meet your staffing needs!