How Arbor Associates Can Help With Your Staff Coverage Issues This Holiday Season!

The holiday season can be a challenging time for staffing, for many reasons. There are likely extra PTO requests, and for staff with children, the children may be out of school, causing childcare issues. Cold and flu season also lines up with the holidays.

So, on top of regular requests for time off, such as short-term disability requests for procedures, FMLA, and sick days, the holidays can pose additional challenges. This is where Arbor Associates can help! Here are a few ways to anticipate your staffing needs so you can be prepared to let Arbor Associates help you with coverage.


Perform a Needs Assessment of Your Schedule

What does your staffing plan look like going into the holiday season? Are you currently well-staffed or understaffed, and does your staffing plan have wiggle room? Ask your employees to request their PTO well in advance so that you know about coverage issues ahead of time.

Regardless of the time of year, employee circumstances can change rapidly. An employee may decide to move to a different organization, move somewhere new, go back to school, or leave for various other reasons. Employees may also suddenly need extended time off for their own health or the health of their families. Therefore, it’s essential to recognize your current schedule’s weaknesses and have a plan B ready to go.

If there’s little to no flexibility in your schedule, reach out to Arbor Associates to help you find PRN or per diem staff who can help fill holes when someone calls in unexpectedly. Having part-time help available is a great way to bring in extra helping hands and reduce stress on your current employees.


Perform a Needs Assessment of Your Staff

How is your staff doing before heading into the holiday season? First, think about whether your team is feeling burnt out or if they’re actively engaged in their work. For example, if your team is pushing back against covering shifts for others’ PTO time, or you’re struggling to fill gaps in the schedule, they may be feeling overwhelmed with their workload. This can cause big problems.

The holidays are not a good time to ask for more out of a team that’s already struggling. In this situation, a good solution is to allow a reputable staffing firm, like Arbor Associates, to help you find reinforcements. This can boost your team’s morale and make sure you don’t have any major headaches the day before a call-out.

As a leader in health care and educational staffing in southern New England for over 40 years, Arbor Associates understands how to both find and match the right employees with the right companies. We’re here to support you during this holiday season, and during the rest of the year too.


Let Arbor Associates help you fill your staffing needs this holiday season. Fill out the talent request form, and we’ll be in touch to help you fulfill your company’s needs.