11 Reasons Why You Should Accept a Contract Job

Working as a contract employee sometimes gets a bad rap. Some may view temp or contract employees as indecisive and unskilled when compared to permanent positions, but that’s not the case at all. Contract positions offer a wide range of benefits that you won’t get at a regular 9-5.

(Almost) A Dozen Reasons to Accept a Contract Position

  1. Higher pay

Often pay for contract work is higher than the same work in a permanent position. The higher pay scale offsets the lack of benefits that are offered to permanent employees.

  1. Gain valuable skills

Contract employees can learn various parts of an organization, such as medical records, scheduling, or research. The more you learn, the more you can add to your skill set and your resume.

  1. “Test drive” the job

As a contract employee, you’re in a wonderful position to “test drive” a role to see if it’s a good fit for you. If it’s not, it’s easy to part ways at the end of the contract period, but if do enjoy it, there’s a chance you could be retained longer or gain a permanent position on the company’s payroll.

  1. Flexibility

This may be one of the best rewards to contract work. While you’ll need to be on time and work hard, you’re able to schedule breaks between contracts as you like. Permanent employees often can’t take advantage of this kind of flexibility, but for contract employees, it’s much easier to achieve your ideal work-life balance.

  1. Build a larger professional network

As you gain momentum and skill in roles at multiple organizations, you’re also building a professional network from which you can tap into for your next job. We can all benefit from network building, and contract work offers a great way to network while gaining experience.

  1. Interview process can be faster

The time from initial conversation to walking in the door can be faster than for permanent positions. This is because contract projects can come up quickly and usually need to be filled immediately.

  1. Work on the most exciting projects

Speaking of contract projects that come up quickly…they can also be the most exciting. Permanent employees have set tasks and lack the flexibility to be able to add more tasks to the job. As a contract employee, you’re likely being brought in for a specific purpose or skill set.

  1. Stay above the office politics

Let’s be honest: sometimes office drama can flare-up. As a contracted worker, you can stay detached, not take sides, and keep smiling through it all.

  1. Reserve commitment for later

Maybe you aren’t quite sure what you want to do yet, or the kind of place you want to work. Being a contract employee allows you to explore many different work environments to get a feel for what works for you before committing to a permanent position.

  1. Job security

Yes, you read that correctly. According to LinkedIn, it’s a myth that contractor jobs lack security. Because contracted workers are not figured into the headcount, they’re less likely to be let go unexpectedly. Contract jobs can last anywhere from two months to three years. In fact, some employees go from contract job to contract job without any lull in between. Finding the next contract gig only means tapping into the professional network you’ve developed along the way – and trust us, there’s always going to be a need for contract employees.

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