3 Ways Contract Assignments Can Increase Your Retention Rate

Hiring people can be a tedious, time-consuming endeavor. From screentime to interviewing to probation periods to see if they are a good fit, it takes full-time commitment to find the right candidate for the role. And then, if it doesn’t pan out, you’ve got to start the process all over again, costing more time, money, and energy. Have you considered hiring for short- or long-term contract assignments? There are several benefits it can provide:

Three Ways Contract Assignments Can Help You Retain Employees

  1. Increase in Morale

When you hire contract workers, you’re showing your permanent employees that you understand and appreciate them. Without saying a word, you demonstrate that you know an extra set of hands is needed and take the stress off your permanent employees at the same time, making for a happier and healthier work environment.

  1. Decrease Burnout

This benefit goes hand in hand with #1. Hiring contract workers will alleviate some of the pressure on current employees and show them they aren’t alone. Their productivity will increase as a result, and they’ll be less likely to jump ship during stressful times. An added bonus is that they’ll speak highly of a company that values its employees.

  1. Dependability

Unlike permanent employees who receive benefits like health insurance, PTO, and matching 401k, contract employees are motivated by the paycheck, the chance to make new professional networking connections, and gain valuable work experience. Contract workers are generally very dependable, and you can count on them to show up and do their job well.

All in all, contract assignments will increase retention rates by keeping your permanent employees happy and decreasing feelings of stress and burnout in the workplace. Their role can help support a team that doesn’t require another full-time position or gets your team through an extra busy or stressful period of time. If you feel that your team is overworked or spread too thin, consider hiring a contract employee for a long- or short-term period.

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