Is the Staffing Agency You’re Working With a Partner or a Competitor?

Staffing agencies can help companies navigate the hiring process, especially in industries as rapidly changing as health care. These agencies and recruiters are partners that can help reduce the administrative burden of screening candidates, conducting interviews, and completing background checks. However, if the agency that you’re working with is making life harder for you and wasting precious time and money, they might be more of a competitor.

Here are a few ways to gauge if your company’s staffing agency is a committed and solid partner when it comes to filling job vacancies with top talent.

Does the Agency Provide Transparency About Fees, Timing, And Technology?

If an agency has hidden fees or increased its rates without telling you, you may be working with a competitor. Another red flag is if the agency isn’t transparent about hiring timelines across job levels. The point of working with a staffing agency is to delegate the administrative burden of the hiring process, but keep in mind that there should be open communication flowing during the search and hiring process.

Reputable staffing agencies have access to resources and data that give them a competitive edge when it comes to mastering the latest hiring trends and advances in technology. To that end, recruiters and agencies should be using all the tools that are available to them to recruit the best candidates for your company. If the agency you’re working with isn’t staying up to date with hiring practices or responsive to your emails and calls, it may be time to find someone who will be.

Does the agency Provide Strategies For Recruiting The Best Candidates?

If your staffing agency is simply hiring the first candidate rather than the best candidate, in order to secure their commission, you may be working with a competitor. And while every group’s goal is an expedited hiring process, the best-case scenario is someone who truly fits the role you need to fill. Ask yourself this, does the agency you’re working with have a methodical strategy to tap talent both geographically and across all experience levels?

The goal of working with a staffing agency is to save your business time and money. However, if you find that the agency’s candidates are below average in terms of skills, experience, and retention records, it might be time to interview other agencies.

How is their customer service? Do you feel like you’re being treated well?

A staffing agency who’s your partner will provide clear and open communication with you, as well as being willing to work with you on your needs. They may not be able to source the position for you in the timeframe you desire, but if they’re giving it their best shot and keeping you informed about possible candidates, that’s a positive sign.

An agency who is a competitor won’t treat you well and will make your life harder and more frustrating. A competitor-type agency might even be using your company’s resources to locate talent but then funneling that talent to be hired by competing organizations. If you believe that’s happening, it’s definitely time to find a different agency who will be your partner.

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