Is Your Mental Health Affecting Your Work? Tips to Help You Work on Your Mental Health and Get Back on Track

Mental health impacts all aspects of your life, including your job. When you’re facing mental health struggles, things like job performance, relationships with coworkers, and even personal satisfaction can deteriorate.

Here are 3 tips that can help you get back on track when negative emotions and stress start to weigh you down.

1- Prioritize Your Health

Making your health a priority includes giving attention to diet, exercise, sleep, and routine medical care. Eating plenty of raw, fresh fruit and vegetables can help boost your mood. Exercise is also great at burning negative energy, which often feeds anxiety and hinders quality sleep. Likewise, make sure that you aren’t skipping regular medical exams with your health care provider(s) to detect any abnormal findings that could be affecting your mental health.

2- Prioritize Relationships

When stress is taking its toll on your mental health, you’re more likely to either withdraw or lash out at the people in your circle­­––and that includes coworkers. Even when it feels awkward and exhausting, reaching out to friends and family can provide some unexpected relief.

Depending on your relationships with managers and coworkers, you may find that transparency about your current struggles not only helps to put things in perspective, but open dialogue may also help encourage others who might be working through similar struggles.

3- Prioritize Yourself

Sometimes the best remedy to feeling overwhelmed is to start saying no. Saying no to accepting additional responsibilities or commitments when you’re already feeling run down can help prevent you from sinking into full-on burnout. An important thing to do when you’re feeling burnout is to protect your free time and use it for activities that allow you to relax and recharge.

If your job is what’s causing you to feel stressed or overwhelmed, it may be time to investigate a change in work. Arbor Associates leads the staffing industry in sourcing and recruiting in the allied health, medical and education fields, and we can help you find work that works for you. The recruiters at Arbor Associates go beyond just finding you a job by providing tools and support that will make your work life better.