Strategies on How to Navigate the End of Pandemic Relief Benefits

Whether you lost your job during the pandemic or experienced a reduction in hours, the emergency benefits put in place to help fill in those gaps have come to an end. And although one solution is finding a new job, that’s easier said than done.

Here are a few tips to help navigate this season of uncertainty.

Job-search Assistance

If you lost your job during the pandemic and haven’t been able to secure work yet, don’t lose hope. Whether it’s a state-sponsored agency or a job placement service, assistance programs are available to help you find a job. In many cases, they’ll help you create a resume and may even be able to connect you with employers.

Federal Relief Programs

Although Federal relief programs vary by need and location, there are programs to assist you personally and professionally. Check with the US Department of Treasuring for the latest in federal assistance for employees and families. The options vary depending on need, but the possibility of financial assistance is available.

State and Disaster Relief Programs

Do you live in a state that was hit especially hard by the pandemic? If your state or city was classified as a disaster zone, you may be able to access disaster funding due to secondary consequences of the pandemic.

Grant Services

There are grants available for single mothers, small businesses, and students that can assist with anything from rent assistance, childcare expenses, tuition, and small business development. If you search Google for any of those categories, you can find several websites with specific grant listings.

Debt Relief Programs

While it’s most likely the last resort, there are debt relief programs that can help settle your debts without filing bankruptcy. However, keep in mind during your search that while the internet is full of resources, the trustworthy ones won’t make you pay a fee while searching for or applying for financial assistance.

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