4 Ways to Support Struggling Employees

Many employers are facing uncharted territory when it comes to the economic hardship and mental health crises that the pandemic has ushered in. Business leaders have found themselves needing to enhance employee benefits to meet the needs of today’s workforce. Employers are also having to get creative when it comes to ensuring that staff feels comfortable utilizing the full spectrum of company benefits––especially without fear of retribution.

Here are a few tips when it comes to genuinely supporting employees who are struggling with finances, family bereavement, mental health challenges, or workplace conflict.

  1. Provide and Encourage Paid Time Off

Most of the time, if an employee has to choose between burning a vacation day or coming to work when they’re sick, odds are, they’re coming to work. And other times, it’s guilt that prevents employees from staying home when they’re feeling under the weather. They dread the increased workload they’re creating for others in their absence.

Lead your business in fostering a culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance which promotes a positive change in perspective. Think ahead about putting systems in place that will protect productivity while staff take advantage of paid time off or present with an unexpected absence. And because not every employee is the same, provide individual support by allowing hybrid/remote work schedules.

  1. Serve Your High-Risk Employees

In a perfect world, your staff would be able to compartmentalize home life and work-life. But in reality, the two worlds often blur together. Employees struggling with stressors and anxiety are bound to affect team dynamics and eventually team productivity. Offering health plans with counseling benefits and partnering with mental health providers in the community can give employees an appropriate outlet when they need help.

  1. Increase Staff Responsibility and Participation

Increase employee involvement in company dialog by hosting meetings and forums. This can help your employees in finding a deeper sense of purpose in the workplace. Encouraging staff to take initiative in getting to know their coworkers and to seek more meaningful participation in their team’s work experience can create an overall deeper sense of ownership within the company’s vision.

  1. Prioritize Appreciation and Team Bonding

Being recognized, appreciated, and known can go a long way when an employee is feeling marginalized or misunderstood. Make sure that accolades are reflective of experience and training and not only the job description. Meaning not every employee has the same background or has had access to the same resources to get where they are, so don’t forgo showing appreciation that’s employee-specific (not only position-specific).

Team-building is another way to cultivate a more nurturing workplace. Providing activities that promote humanizing interaction can build meaningful connections among staff. You can also encourage managers to lead by example in demonstrating transparency and inclusive behavior.

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