How Arbor Associates Can Help You Staff Clinicians and Nurses

If you manage a facility that staffs nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and other clinical professionals, you certainly understand the challenges of finding and keeping health care talent. And if you’re not currently using a health care staffing agency to find the best possible candidates in the briefest amount of time, you could be missing out on the best candidates.

Arbor Associates can help you find the best talent for your staffing needs. Arbor is a leading health care staffing agency that provides fully licensed, highly motivated, and ready-to-work employees who require little, if any, time to catch up. As the clinical job market becomes increasingly competitive, the benefits of partnering with a health care staffing agency are also increasing.

A Variety of Candidates for a Variety of Roles

Arbor Associates has in-depth knowledge of the health care industry. This understanding of the industry allows the professionals at Arbor to make sure that a candidate is the right fit for a position. Arbor can extend your reach in new ways and double the size of your network from which you source talent. Even if the position is tough to fill, there’s an excellent chance that we have experience handling it. With an extensive vetting process that includes resume reviews, interviews, and aptitude tests, you can be sure that our candidates are a viable hiring option.

We know where to find health care workers, including those who might not be actively seeking a job but might consider a change if the right opportunity presents itself. Additionally, our team has the experience to spot the red flags and potential problems. By working with Arbor, you can lower your risk of hiring a bad fit.

Flexible Solutions

Arbor Associates provides flexible staffing solutions for your facility by offering candidates temporarily or for temp-to-hire positions. Your organization can increase or decrease its staffing levels depending on fluctuating patient censuses. This level of flexibility lowers the costs of running your organization and reduces overall expenses. With a lean budget, you get more return on your staffing investment. Instead of spending considerable time recruiting, reviewing applications, and interviewing candidates, let Arbor provide your organization with the health care professionals you need when you need them.

An Excellent Way to Augment Your Staff

If you want to augment your existing staff, partnering with Arbor Associates can help you accomplish this goal. Whether it’s filling a temporary job for a few months or finding a permanent placement at your facility, Arbor can help your facility adjust its workforce during critical times. The highly experienced staff at Arbor Associates are constantly seeking ways to refine their process to deliver the best service for all their clients. With the national shortage of health care professionals, the need for a long-term staffing solution is apparent. Contact Arbor Associates today and let us help your health care organization flourish!