5 Tips on How to Pick the Right Recruiter for Your Career

Searching for a job online, sending out resumes, and not hearing anything back can be very frustrating. When your leads, introductions, and referrals end up as dead-ends, you may feel stressed or down on yourself. However, there is hope; and it could be time to seek out the assistance of a recruiter who specializes in your industry. These tips will benefit you if you’re in health care, education, behavioral health, or another caring profession.


There are many teacher recruitment agencies these days, and the number continues to rise. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that recruitment agencies are one of the most popular ways for teachers to find employment. But with so many opportunities, how will you find an agency that has your best interests in mind?

  • The right agency does not charge you for providing support
  • They will have open and responsive communication with you
  • A reputable agency will provide the advice and guidance you need and will support you through the entire process
  • The agency may even visit schools and meet with employers

Health Care

Are you a traveling nurse? A health care clinician seeking a permanent position? Perhaps you are a health care administrator looking for a new opportunity? No matter which health care profession you practice, a health care recruiter can significantly impact your career or job search.

  • Seek a recruiter with experience
  • Interview the health care recruiter
  • Pay attention to their responsiveness
  • Gauge their availability and flexibility

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health recruiters are not equal. It’s essential to find the correct one to jump-start your behavioral health career. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong recruiter can derail your job search indefinitely or put you in positions that aren’t in your best interest. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do they focus on your industry?
  • Do they maintain excellent behavioral health client relationships?
  • How many openings do they have in behavioral health?
  • Do they ask for fees upfront?
  • Will they meet with you in person?

Caring Professionals

Hospital sitters, intake coordinators, guidance counselors, teacher assistants, and security personnel need to compare recruiters too. As a professional, you are likely familiar with the job-hunting process. However, what do you know about working with a recruiter? Here are recommendations for professionals in all caring professions:

  • Consider them and make sure they have experience in your field
  • Make sure they will meet with you in person if it’s important to you
  • Ask them about their metrics
  • Examine their employer relationships

Arbor Associates

If health care, education, behavioral health, health care administration, or one of the many caring professions is your career field, the recruiters at Arbor Associates can help you make the most of your skills to find a job that fits your needs. The recruiters at Arbor Associates will do more than find you a job. Our professionals will provide the tools and support to become the best professional while improving your capabilities with training opportunities.