10 Smart Questions to ask During a Service Provider Conversation

When selecting a service provider for your organization, asking the right questions is key. This blog post will share ten intelligent questions to ask during a service provider conversation. You can gain valuable insights into the provider’s processes, employee benefits, risk management efforts, and overall commitment to excellence by asking these questions. Let’s dive in and discover the key queries to ensure a successful partnership in meeting your organization’s needs. 

  1. Do you pay employees similarly to the customers you service?

This question helps you understand the level of fairness and equity in the service provider’s compensation practices. Ensuring employees are compensated on par with customer rates can indicate a commitment to attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals. 

  1. Are the individuals you sent to us employees or contractors?

Knowing whether the individuals provided by the service provider are employees or contractors is crucial. Employees typically have more accountability and adherence to organization protocols, while contractors may have more flexibility but potentially less consistency in service delivery. 

  1. Do you have adequate worker compensation insurance?

Worker compensation insurance is critical to protecting your organization from potential liability. By confirming that the service provider has adequate coverage, you can ensure you partner with a responsible and reliable organization. 

  1. Do you run a seamless and easy process for shared timekeeping, including logging geolocation and time?

Efficient timekeeping processes are essential for tracking employee hours and ensuring accurate billing. By inquiring about the service provider’s timekeeping system, you can ensure that their processes align with your organization’s needs. 

  1. What benefits do you provide to staff? Does it include mandated State sick time?

Employee benefits play a significant role in job satisfaction and retention. Inquiring about the benefits offered to the service provider’s staff, including mandated State sick time, will help you understand what services they provide, and if there are any gap that you may need to fill.

  1. Do you perform typical recruitment functions, including sourcing, screening, interviewing, and reference checking?

Understanding the service provider’s recruitment processes is crucial to ensure rigorous screening procedures are in place. By asking this question, you can gain confidence in their ability to source and select highly qualified candidates for your organization.  

  1. Do you perform essential risk management efforts, including BRCs, licenses, and more, as defined by State regulators?

Compliance with state regulations and risk management efforts are vital for ensuring quality service delivery. Inquiring about the service provider’s adherence to regulations, licenses, and background checks ensures that you’re working with a partner that prioritize safety and regulatory compliance. 

  1. What kind of training do employees receive before they arrive at our program/facility?

Quality service delivery relies on well-trained employees with the relevant knowledge and skills. By asking about the service provider’s training programs, you can ensure that their employees are prepared to meet your program or facility’s specific needs and requirements. 

  1. Does your service include a dedicated support team for scheduling and supervision of staff?

A dedicated support team for scheduling and supervision is essential for efficient operation and optimal staff performance. By asking this question, you can ensure that the service provider has mechanisms to address any scheduling or supervision concerns that may arise. 

  1. Do you provide a 24-hour on-call service for evenings and weekends?

Emergencies and unexpected situations can happen at any time. Inquiring about the service provider’s availability and whether they offer a 24-hour on-call service will help you determine if a the staffing partner can provide support whenever needed. 

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