How To Successfully Manage Contract Workers

Contract workers can bring valuable expertise and skills to an organization. However, managing contract workers requires a different mindset than managing full-time or salaried employees, especially when working with a staffing agency.

Here are some tips on how to successfully manage contract workers:

1. Treat it as a partnership.

Managing contract workers should be thought of as a partnership between you and your staffing agency. You’re co-managing the employee, so it’s important to understand who controls what areas. You’ll want to clearly define the contract with your staffing agency so that you both have a good understanding and expectation of the scope of work, payment terms, length or contract, etc.

This includes outlining their job duties, performance expectations, and project timelines. Providing a clear understanding of what is expected during their contracted time helps ensure that contract workers and agencies understand their role and can deliver results effectively. It’s also important to clarify the confidentiality and intellectual property rights of the organization, staffing agency, and contract worker to ensure that all parties are aware of their obligations and responsibilities during and after the contract ends.

2. Provide regular feedback.

Communication is key when managing contract workers and it’s important to share feedback with your staffing agency regularly. Phone or video calls work well if you can’t meet in person, and email can be a good backup option too if you’re familiar with your contact at the agency. It’s helpful to set up communication channels up front and schedule regular progress updates to track progress towards goals.

A good staffing agency will use your feedback to effectively mentor their employees and make sure they’re meeting expectations. Sharing both the good and the bad feedback with your staffing agency can help identify areas for improvement and acknowledge outstanding work. It can also be helpful to clarify how performance is tracked at your staffing agency so that you can provide the necessary feedback for improvement. This will help to build trust and ensure a positive outcome.

3. Foster a safe and welcoming work environment.

Contract workers should feel welcomed and included in the organization’s culture. Encourage team building and collaboration, involve them in team meetings when it makes sense, and provide professional development if possible. You also want to ensure that contract workers have everything they need to complete their work, so make sure to provide access to essential resources, such as company software and hardware, training materials, and other necessary tools. If there are specifics they should know ahead of starting, you should communicate that with the staffing agency so they can train in advance.

Contract workers will appreciate it if they’re treated with the same respect as full-time or salaried workers. If you make sure the company culture welcomes contract workers, it will create a positive work environment and help to retain the contract workers you do have or attract others to want to work for you. This is a win-win for all parties involved and will establish a strong, positive relationship for managing contract workers effectively.

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