The Importance of Showing Gratitude to Your Employees Around the Holidays

Working around the holidays can be challenging for many employees. They may have children home from school, family in town visiting, or there may be other festivities they’re missing out on. Additionally, holidays aren’t always a happy occasion for some people.

It only takes a small gesture to help an employee feel appreciated. Here are a few ways to help your team feel appreciated during the holidays.


Cater A Meal, or Two

Everyone loves a good meal. If your finances allow, consider bringing in a meal for staff working a holiday shift. And consider going beyond something simple like pizza. There may be somewhere you could cater a pasta bar or other cozy, warm meal.

If you bring in a meal and manage a facility with both day-shift and night-shift workers, have warm food for the night shift too. They’ll appreciate the gesture.

Recognize Staff

Do you have a staff newsletter you send out weekly or a daily huddle? If you regularly implement this, consider adding a section for recognizing staff. You can use this section to thank employees for contributions and team efforts and express gratitude for those working the holidays.

While those in health care expect to work holidays, weekends, and all hours, the recognition is still a nice gesture.

Provide a Small Gift

A small, thoughtful gift can go a long way. For example, many people appreciate a gift card and you can order or purchase these easily. Popular gift cards include gas cards and visa gift cards, or for a more local touch, you could get them from a nearby café or bakery. Consider what’s close by if your team and might be a boost to their lunch break, or before or after work.

Real Simple provides a few good tips about employee and coworker gift-giving. For example, to avoid giving gifts that are too personal. Thoughtful gift ideas from their list for both health care and education staff alike include ideas such as a mug warmer, a cute treat tin with cookies and other goodies, and a mini succulent garden.

Keep Gratitude Going Year Round

Working the holidays can come with challenges, but small gestures of appreciation can go a long way. First, consider striving to build a culture around gratitude and incorporate it into your daily practice with staff. Even a small, handwritten note can mean a lot.


And, if you’re concerned about your staffing levels during the holidays, reach out to Arbor Associates. With a tenure of forty years, we understand behavioral health and education staffing needs.

Submit a talent request form today and let us take finding great employees off your plate, so you can have time to do the little things that matter – like showing current employees how much they’re valued.