5 Ways You Can Level Up Your Career!

Are you looking to level up your career? Consider these five tips if you’re a goal-oriented individual looking to give your career a boost.

Consider Going Back to School

Maybe you’re a medical assistant, but you’d really like to be a nurse. Or perhaps you work as a Direct Support Professional and would like to one day become a licensed clinical social worker. Completing a degree program in these areas and others can help set you on the right path to a fulfilling career.

Additionally, some facilities offer tuition reimbursement as part of their benefits package. So, if you’re considering going back to school and plan to continue working at your current place of employment, look into whether or not your current workplace will help you pay for your degree.

Obtain a Certification

If you don’t want to go back to school or now isn’t the right time, investigate what certifications you can obtain within your line of work. For example, if you’re a mental health nurse and meet the eligibility requirements outlined by the American Nurse Credentialing Center, you can apply to take their certification exam.

Again, many organizations may provide financial help and pay or reimburse for the exam.

Network Within Your Organization

Maybe you like the organization you work for, but you’re interested in working in a different unit or in a different department. Get to know the individuals that work where you’d like to work and ask questions about how they got there. For example, you could introduce yourself to the supervisor or manager and ask what makes a candidate stand out when they’re looking for new hires.

With some networking, you may learn of anticipated upcoming openings or job opportunities as soon as they become available.

Learn a New Skill

This may be within your line of work, or it may be something entirely different. However, learning a new skill demonstrates ambition and drive. Talking about learning something new entirely on your own will help you stand out among other potential candidates for a role.

With the plethora of free podcasts, YouTube channels, and online courses, there are several ways you can learn a new skill without breaking the bank.

Consider a Contract Staffing Position

Maybe you want to explore a new career path, but you aren’t sure if it’s right for you and if you will like it. One option is to apply for a temporary or per diem staffing position through a healthcare staffing firm like Arbor Associates.

Arbor Associates cares about helping you find a role that meets your lifestyle and career goals. If you’re interested in taking your career in a new direction, look through our open positions and see if anything stands out.

And, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can always contact a recruiter to help you navigate the process. They’re here to help you find the right position for you!


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