Why Behavioral Health is an Important Field to Prioritize

There’s an unmet need for behavioral health services. Per the American Psychological Association (APA), a survey in 2016 showed that 11.8 million adults in America had unmet mental health needs. Over a fifth of these individuals did not receive care because they were unsure where to go for services. One way to meet this need is through integrated health services.

Use Integrated Health Services as a Solution

There are many ways integrating behavioral health solutions into a medical practice can bring value to patients. The American Hospital Association (AHA) describes the various methods.

Location. When behavioral health is integrated into a practice, behavioral health providers can work alongside other healthcare providers at the same location or nearby facility.

Team-Based Approached. Integrating mental health services into a health care system allows for easier interdisciplinary collaboration between providers.

Care-Management. An integrated approach allows for better access to services for patients. For example, patients can be screened at regular health appointments, and referrals made internally.

Patient-Centered Care. Centralized locations, team-based approaches, and care management provide the highest quality patient-centered care. In addition, integrated care allows patients convenient access to care supportive of their physical and mental health.

Integrating behavioral health into your health care organization’s practice can assist your patients and clients in meeting their health needs and providing them with a critical resource. Additionally, it may also improve provider satisfaction, knowing there are internal services within the organization they can refer patients to for care.

Arbor Associates Can Help Meet Behavioral Health Staffing Needs

If your health care organization is interested in providing behavioral health services to meet your patient’s needs better, Arbor Associates staffing services can assist you in finding appropriate staff. With decades of experience serving clients in the Southern New England area, Arbor Associates understands how to meet clients’ needs. We invest in and care for our staff, to provide the most compassionate care to their patients and clients.

As leaders in healthcare staffing, including behavioral health roles, reach out to Arbor Associates today to find out how we can assist you in meeting your organization’s goals.


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