Mental Health Resources for Healthcare Workers

Your job as a health care worker isn’t easy. In addition to dynamic working conditions, you’ll probably be exposed to stressful environments and emotional pressures when caring for those in need. The constant requirements and demands can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

If you’re experiencing an increase in negative moods or feeling more disengaged from work and family, it may be time to invest in your mental health. Resources are available to help improve your mental health, especially if you feel like you’re reaching a breaking point.

Here are some ideas and resources that can help you manage your mental health:

Make a List

Keep a journal or make a list of what’s causing your stress. Many people find that writing their thoughts and emotions down helps them to let some of the stress go. If you choose to identify stress points, think about ways you may be able to reduce the stressors.

Talk to Friends or Family

Talking with someone who cares about you can make a huge difference. A close friend, family member, and sometimes coworker can assist you by providing a listening ear to your troubles.

Contact Free Online Support

There are several free and confidential virtual support services available for health care workers, including:

  1. Therapy Aid: Provides health care workers with pro-bono individual and group support.
  2. The Emotional PPE Project:  Free mental health care provided by licensed mental health professionals.
  3. The Battle Within: Provides up to 6 free teletherapy sessions.

Peer Support Resources

  1. PeerRXMed: Free peer-to-peer program for healthcare professionals and physicians providing support and resources for optimal well-being and coping mechanisms.
  2. NurseGroups: Free, confidential videoconference group developed for nurses to connect and process issues related to COVID-19.
  3. American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress: Online support groups for health care workers and emergency responders.

Other Resources to Consider

Information is a powerful tool, especially if you share it with others. In addition to the resources provided above, there are other resources such as apps for your phone or professional foundations that can assist. Some examples are:

  1. Heroes Health: An app that offers free mental health surveys and symptoms reports.
  2. American Nurses Foundation: Offers tools and resources to support the mental health of all nurses.
  3. Free apps: such as:
    • Breathe2Relax – A stress management tool
    • Intellicare – Assists with managing depression and anxiety
    • Equanimity – A meditation app

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