8 Questions to Help You Prepare for a New Assignment

So, you’ve picked up a new assignment – you can arrive prepared by asking the right questions ahead of time. It’s always helpful to ask a few questions, especially if you picked up the shift last minute, online, or over email. The more information you have about the role and expectations, the more prepared you’ll be. After all, you want to enter the situation feeling confident and ready.

The following questions will help you plan for the assignment that you’re going to be working on.

8 Questions to Help You Prepare for a New Assignment

  1. When should you arrive? First impressions are crucial – and you’re not only representing yourself but also Arbor Associates too. Make sure you know exactly when your shift starts, and if you don’t, call your Arbor supervisor to confirm. Be sure to arrive on time, if not a few minutes early.
  2. Who should you report to when you arrive? When you first get to the worksite, knowing where to go is crucial. Some locations will be larger, and some smaller – if it’s your first time there, you may want to ask about what room or building to go to. Knowing what to expect will help you plan.
  3. Inquire about employee parking and building access: If driving, you might want to ask about parking dedicated to employees. And once you arrive, is there a specific entrance that you should use?
  4. What is the dress code? Knowing if there’s a specific dress code is critical. Dress codes are more important in some settings and less in others. Depending on your role, some sites may require specific clothing, such as scrubs.
  5. Is this a typical assignment role? Ensure you understand what is expected of you in this role. If you aren’t sure about what kind of work you will be doing or might be asked to help with, you can ask in advance. Most positions will have similar duties, but there could be different expectations between work sites.
  6. Are there any challenges this client population faces? It might be helpful to know what kind of clients you’ll be working with. Does the worksite service substance abuse clients? Behavioral health? At-risk youth? Etc…
  7. What is the age range of the assignment population? Will you be working with elderly clients or children? Different ages might require different approaches or communication styles.
  8. Is this an ongoing assignment? You may want to know if this could become a regularly scheduled shift or long-term assignment. If you enjoy the worksite, be sure to inform your Arbor supervisor that you’d like to work there again!

The Bottom Line

Preparation is essential for a successful start to any new assignment or role. We’ll give you as much information as we can to make it a successful assignment for you, but always feel welcome to ask whatever questions come to mind. We’ll appreciate the initiative, and you’ll feel more prepared.

Arbor Associates is excited to find work that works for you! The Arbor Associates Recruiters do more than just locate you a job; they also provide you with the tools and resources you need to find your ideal assignment and help you improve your earning potential.