Want to Give Back? Consider One of These Careers in Human Services

A career in human services will satisfy the desire to give back by providing the opportunity to serve individuals, families, and even communities through problem-solving and extending support.

Everyone has unique needs, and a degree in human services provides the education and training to work with a variety of populations in a variety of settings. If you’re an empathetic person with a passion to help people, including the physically disabled, the mentally ill, domestic violence victims, immigrants, and criminals, a career in human services is a great choice for you.

Here are five different possible career paths that human service professionals can take.

Case Worker

Caseworkers are in high demand and can be found in both non-profit and for-profit settings. They perform a variety of duties, typically with specialized populations, that consists of building relationships with their clients. Their primary goal is to connect their clients with the services they need to be successful.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Substance abuse counselors work alongside medical professionals in community offices or in rehab facilities. They too, can be found in non-profit and for-profit settings, working with individuals who struggle with substance abuse by helping them overcome addictions and stay sober.

Community Service Management

Professionals in community service management work on developing and funding various types of programs that serve either specialized populations or neighborhoods as a whole. You can choose if you’d rather be more involved with residents or if you’d rather serve primarily in an administrative role.

Social Worker

Social workers might work in schools, with the government, in clinical settings, and more. Similar to caseworkers, social workers build relationships with specialized populations while getting them the services they need. Their primary goal is to make sure that their clients are socially, physically, and mentally functional, and they may provide therapy to clients as part of their work.

Family Court Advocate

Family court advocates primarily advocate for children in foster care or those working through domestic violence or sexual assault incidents, with the goal of the advocate being to protect the interests of the children and their families involved in litigation. They’re usually involved with evaluating the families’ circumstances and making recommendations to the court with regards to care, contact, and guardianship.

Most positions in human services will require specific certifications or licensure, which may be completed in-person or online. Are you ready to begin or currently pursuing a career in human services? Arbor Associates is here to help you get started!