Why Teaching Special Education is a Rewarding Career

If you’re looking for a rewarding and challenging role in education, special education may be the track for you. Special education teachers help students who have various disabilities to overcome the unique challenges associated with their disabilities.

Here a just a few of the rewards and benefits that come from a career in special education.

Empower Students

Working with special needs students gives you the opportunity to impact the lives of children who have disabilities, learning disorders, and developmental delays. Not only are you making an impact in the lives of students by giving them tools and resources to learn according to their learning style. Special needs teachers also experience deep, personal fulfillment in knowing that they are shaping a child’s life in a way that will carry beyond their education.

Because the challenges that each student brings to class are unique, special education teachers get to exercise creativity and problem-solving skills more so than in a traditional classroom. The student-centered approach in a special education setting gives a level of autonomy and resourcefulness to meet a variety of learning abilities in a single setting.

In addition, you may have a unique opportunity to bond with students for several years, as some teachers remain with students over several grades. Working in smaller class sizes makes one-on-one attention the norm.

Equip Families

A career in special education positions you to partner with families in managing their child’s academic journey while also equipping them with life skills and behavioral tools. You can walk with families as they explore laws and legislation that impact their children, and you can introduce them to support groups and organizations that are intended to benefit special needs children.

Another reward is empowering families by teaching them how to advocate for their children. This includes making sure they have access to resources, understand the ins and outs of their child’s particular needs, and understand the results of their child’s test scores and evaluations.

Advocate in the Community

As a special needs teacher, you get to become an advocate for the individual needs of students with disabilities. You’ll also have the opportunity to use your experience to be an ambassador of sorts as you advocate on behalf of the special needs population at large – not only in educational settings but also in your community.

Similarly, when you engage with the larger special education community, you’ll find opportunities for collaboration with other educators, therapists, and counselors to craft holistic approaches in meeting the needs of special needs students.

Enjoy Employment Stability

A special needs degree opens the door to more employment opportunities than just teaching in a classroom. With a master’s degree in special education, you can also pursue a career in management, casework, or the non-profit sector. You’ll also get the opportunity to develop advanced writing, research, and interpersonal skills.

Because special education teachers require specialized training and credentials, they’re in high demand nationwide. This demand means that it can sometimes be easier for special education teachers to cross state lines for employment if need be.

At Arbor Associates, we take a great deal of pride in helping people not only find rewarding positions but also grow personally. If you’re interested in exploring your options for a career in education, reach out to one of our recruiters today!