Holidays Bring People Together! How to Promote Inclusivity During the Holiday Season

Diversity in the workplace is important for several reasons: it increases productivity and morale, and it reinforces your company’s mission, and increases your business’s ability to recruit a wider range of talent.

The holidays can be a great time to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Not to mention, this is an opportune time to evaluate the traditions that your business celebrates and to investigate which holidays deserve more attention. Being inclusive is important, and the effort will go miles with your staff.

As an employer, the best way to become a champion of inclusivity is to educate yourself first, then others. Here are three ways to make inclusivity a priority this holiday season.

Ask Your Staff

Listening is key in achieving inclusivity. Give your staff the opportunity to give honest feedback about previous efforts to promote inclusivity. You can use the feedback to make changes next year. And whichever observations you choose to include in your celebration lineup, make sure to keep event attendance voluntary. Don’t forget to solicit feedback after the events.

Implement a Multicultural Calendar

December isn’t the only time of year that cultural or religious holidays are observed. Make sure to incorporate cultural diversity on your company’s calendar all year round. You can use the calendar to recognize observances and create awareness of other cultures. This can be an opportunity to highlight commonalities among your staff.

Offering Floating Holidays

Not everyone celebrates their holidays at the same time throughout the year. Therefore, in addition to the paid holidays that your business provides, add a floating holiday for employees to use at their discretion.

And remember that inclusivity during the holidays isn’t only about religious observances. Be sure you’re making every effort to include your entire staff by giving consideration to disabilities, health issues, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.

Creating a culture of diversity celebrates your workforce’s varied backgrounds. It can nurture creativity and collaboration. Make sure that whatever your plan is to promote inclusivity, your staff understands not only what you’re doing but why you’re doing it.

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