Looking to Boost Employee Morale? Host a Company Event!

Positive morale is crucial for the health of your company, and it has a significant influence on its success. Employees who have positive morale tend to have better attitudes toward their jobs, maintain high levels of customer service and are more productive in the workplace. So how can you boost the morale of your team members? One great way is to host a company event! There are several types of events you could create, with a range of costs:


Start the day off right with a good breakfast. Consider arranging a breakfast where your executives and managers serve a meal to the team members to say thank you for their hard work. Or you may wish to have breakfast catered where everyone can start the day off on a good foot. Breakfast foods can typically be purchased in bulk at supermarkets and warehouse clubs, making for a fun and inexpensive event. A breakfast can boost employee morale by providing an opportunity for your staff to spend time with management in a stress-free environment.


You could also invite your team to participate in a group meal where everyone brings in a dish and then share them for lunch or dinner. You will need to ask your employees about this and gauge group interest; however, your company could relieve pressure by providing a main entrée. Make it something that most people enjoy, such as pizza or hamburgers. Assign each team member a specific food item to ensure all food groups are covered. A potluck is also a terrific time to host a cooking contest with a gift card going to the winner.


Trivia is a fun way to build morale among your employees. Strive to find odd and exciting questions in your trivia games to help motivate your crew. You can take this fun a step further by offering small gifts to the employees/teams who give the correct answers. The challenging and fun activity will entertain, engage, and inform your employees. If you form teams, it can be fun to mix up departments so that people are able to meet and engage with other employees that they may not know as well.

Go Casual

Everyone likes coming to work in casual attire, and a casual day party is a fantastic way to keep employees motivated and happy. However, don’t limit the fun to just clothes. Provide fun games, music, and food to complete the party. This event will provide your employees with an environment where they can relax a bit in their work environment.

Show Appreciation

Everyone wants recognition for their hard work. You can show your personnel that you care by hosting appreciation parties and award ceremonies. Distribute gift certificates or prizes and try to provide a special gift for every employee. These events and gifts will help your employees feel valued while increasing their goodwill and company loyalty. (And it’s scientifically proven that giving back makes us feel better!)

Happy Hour

Perhaps a happy hour once a week or month will help boost morale. Fridays are usually an excellent choice for a few after-work drinks. These parties are lovely for blowing off steam and relaxing after a tough week. Better communication and improved inter-departmental and company-employee relationships are often a product of these events.

Another way to boost company morale is to make sure that you have enough staff where you need them. Let the staffers at Arbor Associates provide you with skilled professionals who can make a difference.