Why You Should Work for Arbor Associates

Job hunting is challenging. Updating your resume, writing cover letters, applying, and interviewing for a job is a process that most people find daunting and certainly, time-consuming. What if there was a better, easier way to go about finding a job? Hint: There is!

Consider letting Arbor Associates help you take the next step in your career journey. We’ve got nearly 40 years of experience in the human service, education, and healthcare staffing industries and can easily connect you to a wide variety of employers and work settings. We take care of the job hunt details while providing you with competitive pay and benefits (including medical, dental, and more, training and development, career advancement, professional networking, and more.) We can be your single point of contact for finding the right job for you. Here are some great reasons why you should work for Arbor Associates:

An Ally for Your Job Search

A great benefit of working for Arbor Associates is that you receive a personal career coach, an ally, and advocate for your career development. Our helpful and skilled recruiters can provide you with advice on your career goals, serving as a feedback channel, expanding the reach of your career network, and advocating for jobs that best fit your career goals and lifestyle.

We’ll work with you one-on-one to review the type of positions you seek, likes and dislikes of previous jobs, and your current skill set to ensure the best match with employers and worksites that interest you most. We’re the source for people who care, and our recruiters will work tirelessly to find a position that works for you.

Access More Employers

Partner with Arbor Associates, and you’ll quickly find that your work options are expansive. We serve many organizations with multiple managers who have the power to hire you. Additionally, we’ll have access to positions that may not be listed elsewhere. We work closely with the companies and organizations that we have relationships with to provide you with the latest insights into available positions in your area of experience. An additional benefit is that we’ll actively offer you shifts or positions with employers that you may not have otherwise found, saving you time and energy.


When it comes to your career, obstacles to success will undoubtedly come and go. You’re bound to have hit snags with work schedule flexibility before. At Arbor Associates, we’re able to offer more flexibility to you based on the constant new opportunities and positions that are coming in every day. Do you want to work more hours one week or take the next week off completely? Do you have conflicts with your school schedule or those of your kids? Do you want to find full-time work but would appreciate a chance to work for an employer for a little while first on a temporary basis? In most cases, we can readily accommodate your needs as they change and evolve.

Another nice benefit to working with Arbor Associates is that you’ll have the option to try out different positions and worksites and narrow your focus as and when you need to. This is perfect for recent college grads and those who are new to their field, who want to get firsthand experience in a variety of different settings. Our recruiters are happy to help you transition into a different role, and we can help you to do so without losing time and income due to unemployment or an extensive job search process.

It Will Cost You Nothing

The professional guidance that Arbor Associates provides comes at no charge. Utilizing this wisdom for free might be the best benefit of all. With Arbor Associates, our staffing and recruiting services are available to all applicants. Your recruiter will serve as your ally and match you with positions that are a good fit for your needs.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

We’re proud to offer competitive pay and fantastic benefit options to our associates. We recently upgraded our benefits packages to include a great range of options for many of the needs you might have. Qualifying associates will have access to packages that will cover both themselves and their dependents, with the option to enroll in additional specific coverage plans.

Arbor Associates can help you advance your career by serving as your professional coach and ally. Let us help you meet your career goals, and together we’ll find the perfect fit for you – both now and as your career grows and evolves. Reach out today to find out more!