Benefits of Working With Arbor Associates to Provide Candidates With Contract Assignments

Is your organization experiencing difficulty in finding qualified candidates to fill your job openings? You are not alone. Many employers will tell you that their talent pool lacks job skills, business knowledge, experience, and formal qualifications. Arbor Associates can help you solve this challenge by providing caring, reliable, and skilled professionals when you need them. A partnership with Arbor Associates is rewarding, and here’s why.

Decrease Hiring Risks

When you work with us at Arbor Associates, you reduce your hiring risks. Your organization might have a tight budget, so it is crucial that you do more with less money. Hiring productive and reliable employees is critical to reducing hiring risks, and you can test these employees before you permanently hire them. We will provide you with the opportunity to view an employee’s contract assignments as an extended job interview, after which you may offer the candidate full-time employment.

High Skill Level and Broad Experience

A contract worker typically has broader work experience and more education than most job applicants. Contract employees work on a project basis, exposing them to diverse technologies and business settings. Hiring a contract employee will give your company a fresh perspective and ideas for innovative solutions that your current employees may not consider.


Working with Arbor Associates will enable your organization to be flexible. A partnership will allow you to increase staffing levels when you need it, allowing you to save your company money and resources. This arrangement is ideal, especially if your company temporarily employs individuals with specialized skills as required or for a particular project or you simply don’t have enough recruiters on staff at this time to find all the employees you need.

Speed Up the Hiring Process

Partnering with Arbor Associates allows your organization to speed up your hiring process. The outsourcing of recruiting and hiring efforts will remove the time-consuming work of finding and hiring qualified candidates. A staffing agency like Arbor will save your organization considerable time and money by amplifying your own hiring processes. We have resources, tools, and connections to manage your needs.

Managing Uncertainty

Uncertain times and fluctuating economies make stability very welcome. Your company will appreciate the way Arbor Associates manages uncertainty for you. You might be trying to hire a regular, full-time employee but cannot find a proper applicant. Arbor Associates can provide you with a skilled employee until you can find an acceptable alternative, or you may decide to offer the role to the contracted hire.

Top Talent

Arbor Associates can provide your organization with the best employees, using our expertise in finding top talent. Our recruitment professionals identify, source, screen, and recruit the best employees for your staffing needs. We offer temporary, contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placement services. Let us help you today!

If you’re in the health care or education fields, Arbor Associates can provide your organization with skilled professionals who can make an immediate impact. Tap into the expertise of Arbor Associates and let us help you with your unique staffing needs.