How Doing Formal Employee Behavioral Assessments Helps You Hire Better Employees

When you hire a new candidate to fill a vacancy in your organization, it can be a frustrating experience. The guesswork often leaves you hoping that you made the right decision without costing your company money, time, and resources due to a bad hire. Employee behavioral assessments can help you take the guesswork out of hiring to ensure you hire the right person for the job. Here’s how behavioral assessments can improve your hiring decisions.

Analyze a Candidate’s Capability

Behavioral assessments provide results to help you gauge a candidate’s ability to thrive within your organization. These non-quantifiable factors include how well they will fit in with your company’s culture and work environment, how well they will get along with the team, and their growth potential within your organization. These factors are every bit as crucial as skills and experience.

Talent-Based Hiring Decisions

A candidate’s latent talent might make them a better hire than someone with equal quantifiable merits. Conversely, one candidate might be more motivated and ultimately be more productive than another. All candidates must have the required skills, so administer behavioral and technical assessments to figure out which candidate might out-rank the others.

Identify Candidates With Specific Traits

It’s not exceptional to discover that a worker’s skills, qualifications, and experience aren’t enough to make them a nice fit for a team. Employees tend to perform better when in the company of like-minded individuals or in an environment where they feel at home. A behavioral assessment can help you put a team together with preferred personality traits, temperament, and interests.

Configure the Interview Process

Conventional interview methods rarely provide accurate insights into a candidate’s suitability. Therefore, a structured, well-planned process is essential for interviewing candidates to reduce turnover and replacement costs. In addition, personalizing interview questions provides insight into how well candidates will perform if hired.

Fit Workers in the Proper Position

Employees will work harder if they feel as though they are where they belong. A skill-based assessment can help you determine if a candidate is qualified, but a behavioral assessment can help you make sure they are in the correct position. If a candidate displays an aptitude for leadership, put them in place to guide others.

Improve Hiring

Behavioral assessments can help you boost employee development within your organization. For example, if your applicant tracking software questions what motivates a candidate, you can analyze this data to promote engagement with current and potential employees. Then, use the insights to give your workers the encouragement and training opportunities they need.

Maximize Worker Retention Levels

Behavioral assessment insights can help you increase retention rates. Share your findings with managers and team leaders to help them understand the best ways to provide feedback or coach team members. Managers can personalize their style and approach for more effective communication.

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