How to Decide If a Behavioral Candidate is Right for the Position

There is a constant struggle within the health care industry to find and keep skilled staff members. The national health care staff shortage and high turnover rates impact employers and the patients that they serve. Behavioral health care organizations are no different. Survival in the behavioral health care industry depends on your ability to attract the right substance abuse counselors, psychiatrists, social workers, and other behavioral health staff workers right for the position. The first step in staffing is to decide if a behavioral candidate is suitable for the job. Here are five questions to keep in your head while you interview behavioral health candidates.

Is the Candidate Informed?

The informed candidate is the one who does their research on your company and the position you are offering in advance. These candidates are usually excellent hires who are good culture fits, have the right expectations, and hit the ground running. A behavioral health candidate who takes the time to prepare before their interview adequately is likely to be self-directed and genuinely interested in your organization.

Can You Sense Their Enthusiasm?

The best job candidate is the one who is as interested in your company as you are in them. If you can get a sense of this enthusiasm in their body language and the sound of their voice, it is a terrific sign. Go after employees who care about their work and plan to do it for some time. Those that take pride in their prior work and what they can do for your organization. Avoid the candidate who is merely looking for a way to pay the bills.

Are They Honest?

Every candidate that you interview will have flaws. The key is to seek the candidate who is honest with you about their shortcomings. A great candidate will open up about their weaknesses. They will tell you about a work mistake and how they have learned from it. They are someone who is willing to learn and grow. Self-awareness is a critical interpersonal skill for a behavioral health candidate. If you find a candidate who possesses this skill, you are heading in the right direction for a great hire.

Is Their Communication Quick and Clear?

Look for a candidate who responds quickly and concisely throughout the entire interviewing process. The health care industry is a fast-paced environment, and if a candidate is unmotivated during the interviewing process, they will likely not be motivated on the job either.

Will They Bring Ideas to the Table?

Find a candidate who is forward-thinking and can show what they can specifically bring to the role. When a behavioral health job candidate comes to an interview with concrete ideas of what they would do in the role, it shows that this candidate understands the work well and is eager to contribute. This mindset makes for a great job candidate.

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