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I’ve worked at Arbor for more than 10 years. I enjoy the flexibility that Arbor provides me to work with a variety of agencies and populations, building valuable experience and impacting people’s lives.


Arbor gives me the opportunity to work with so many people in so many different settings. I really thrive on working in so many challenging and rewarding settings. I love my work at Arbor!


Working at Arbor allows me to augment my other job as a teacher with equally compelling and valuable work as a residential counselor—I really enjoy the breadth of opportunities that Arbor provides.


Arbor is the perfect place to gain valuable field experience while I continue my undergraduate degree. It really helps to validate my career interests and build my resume.


I’ve been with Arbor for a long time and have always enjoyed working with my supervisors—I think they’ve assigned me to work at almost every program that Arbor serves. The rewards of working for Arbor make it a great choice for me.


I’ve been “re-hired” by Arbor three times over the course of fourteen years and it’s comforting to know that when I need to make a change in my career, or go back to school, Arbor is always here for me.


Working at Arbor allows me to apply my experience and education in a variety of childcare settings while having the time I want, when I want, to spend with my daughter.


Arbor has been very helpful in providing extra help through this difficult period [COVID-19] where it has been so hard to find staff to work in the field of developmental disabilities. Some of their staff have been with us for a few years now and have formed good relationships with our students and adults with autism, and they have even worked alongside us through the pandemic, helping to care for our people. Thank you, Arbor!

Lucy Tresise, Program Director of ARCHway, Inc.

Arbor has turned out to be a very good business partner for us. We’ve experienced staffing shortages in both our historical congregate care facilities and those that we developed in response to the pandemic. Arbor has been able to respond quickly in both situations to meet many of our needs. Their knowledge of the industry, their responsiveness, and their level of communication set them apart. We’ve happily recommended them to other organizations with similar needs and will continue to.

Danielle Ferrier, CEO of Heading Home

Arbor has been providing staffing services for The Groden Network for over 20 years. They have provided great caregivers for our group homes and school on a regular basis. We have found that Arbor’s field associates are always prepared to jump right in and support those in our care. Their administrative staff is very responsive to our ever-changing needs, and their management is very “hands on” in making sure that our needs are met. They are a great partner for us and have also shown support by sponsoring various fundraising events year after year. We would recommend Arbor Associates to any company in need of professional and responsive staffing services.

Lori Vadney, Human Resources Director of The Groden Network

We have enjoyed working with Arbor for years. They have provided great staff with relevant experience and their office team is very responsive when questions arise around schedules, supervision, compliance, and more. It’s been a solid partnership that everyone has benefited from, including our own staff and the kids and families we care for. We would recommend them to other agencies that may be struggling with similar workforce shortages.

Bill Lyttle, President of Key Program, Board Member of the Providers Council